Thankful Quilt

I have got to find a way to take a better picture.  Or get John to take them! This quilt is called Thankful and is 46″x64″. It will make a great lap quilt or a fantastic wall hanging. I did a lot of hand quilting around the pictured items, such as the trees, leaves, the houses, etc. to accent the center picture. The prairie points add depth to the quilt.

I know these pictures do not do the quilt justice. I’ll be glad to email individual pictures directly to you if you’re interested.


The white banner around the wheat sheaves says, “Give Thanks”

Thankful center

The backside shows off the hand quilting around the tree and the top diamonds.

Thankful hand quilting

The glorious fall colors are vibrant on the quilt.  This would make a great Thanksgiving or Christmas present for someone you love. Or yourself!!  The $400 purchase price would go for a community or a world wide need.  Community wide I know food pantries are struggling. We support several local food pantries and Grand Central Station who feeds the homeless 6 days a week. World wide, we support Gospel for Asia, World Vision and Bead for Life. We’d like to add Samaritan’s Purse this year also.

Thank you,


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Quilt making costs

I’ve had a request for pricing on my quilts so I thought I’d explain how I come up with pricing. The first thing I figure in is the cost of the fabric for the quilt top.  If you haven’t visited  a quilt shop recently, I’d recommend it. Beautiful fabrics will assail your sense of sight right away and then the price tag will assault your common sense. Quilt fabric is now up to and over $10 a yard. It’s quality fabric, though. The same way choice cuts of meat are sold to restaurants so are the choice bolts of fabric sold to quilt shops. Even if you see the very same fabric pattern in Walmart or Hobby Lobby that is NOT the same fabric.

I started out with Walmart fabric and found out right away the difference. Quilt shop fabric does not need the horribly heavily scented fabric starch to give it body. Quilt shop fabric has body because of the weave and number of threads in the fabric. Discount store fabric is hard to straighten (‘square up’) and if fabric isn’t cut straight on the grain it’s hard to get the quilt pieces to set in correctly and match up edges correctly. It’s like trying to build a house with warped lumber.

So even though quilt shop fabric is expensive, it’s worth the cost as quilts should be long term friends.  I figure $100 at a minimum for quilt top fabric. I may have some left over for future quilts but I may also have to go back and buy more to either add or replace a fabric that just didn’t sit right with the other fabrics. Those fabrics I have to put in ‘time out’ until they find a fabric group they fit well with (naughty fabric!) Add to the quilt top cost the cost of batting and backing and I figure $150-200 for materials.

Making the quilt sometimes starts with a pattern in mind and sometimes it starts with finding a beautiful fabric I want to experience. Even after I find the pattern and fabric I seldom stick to the pattern. As I finish a square or block I put it on my design wall and imagination sprouts new ideas every time I look at it. Very few of my quilts are exact copies of the original patterns.

I figure a minimum of 6 months to piece my tradition quilts. I’ve had several that have taken more than a year to piece and a year or more to hand quilt after that. No, that’s not with me doing continuous working on them and I’ve never tallied and calculated the hours spend on a specific quilt but I did keep track of the feathered border on the Mariner’s Compass quilt, TouchStone. It took a hour to do a 2 inch segment. The feathered border went all the way around the outside edge of the 90×90 inch quilt.

Most of my quilts are hand quilted but sometimes it’s better to machine quilt it. If the quilt will be greatly used and washed often, such as a comfort, baby quilt, I’d have it machine quilted. If the quilt is needed quicker than I can hand quilt it then I may give in and have it machine quilted. Machine quilting is another cost I can’t control. The pink and brown quilt on the prior post cost $90 to machine quilt. The price has gone up since that one was done. A baby quilt cost $45 to machine quilt now. These costs may sound high but I’ve seen the price tags on those long arm quilting machines – thousand of dollars just for the machine, then add in the labor and time costs to run the machine and these costs are piddling.

I know it’s shocking to see a price of $500 or more on a quilt, but now you can understand why.

Thanks for visiting at Beulah Land’s quilting room today!


ps Here’s a picture of the center of the TouchStone Quilt. The hand quilted feathered border is outside of this – not shown here, but you can see some of the other detailed hand quilting.


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Pink and Brown Quilt

I know pink and brown are popular colors so I thought I’d try one last year. Personally I do not like the color pink so although I enjoyed sewing this pattern I decided not to hand quilt it. It’s also a little more modern looking so I opted for Jean of Silver Threads in Bonham, TX to machine quilt it.

Pink and Brown Quilt


This isn’t a very good picture, but you can see the block used in the main quilt in the corner squares. I’ll try to get a better picture when John can hold it up for me.

I named this quilt Sweet Dreams as it reminds me of chocolate covered cherries and Patsy Cline and the $500 purchase price would go towards helping many community or world wide. Give someone else some Sweet Dreams, too!


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Guilts … Oops! Was that a Freudian Slip?

A few years ago I fell in love again. Not with another man but with quilting. I especially like the traditional quilts, sewing the many small pieces all together and then hand quilting the tops.  BUT a family can only use so many quilts and just storing anything bothers me. If I have something I want to use it; if I don’t use it then I want someone else to.

So I open up my love of quilting to you! Hopefully, you will see and want to buy these quilts. Pretty straight forward of me, huh? There’s a reason. The proceeds from quilts will go toward a need, either in our local community or through responsible charities, like Gospel for Asia, World Vision or Samaritans Purse. The full purchase price will be donated.

If quilts and helping hands interest you, then please pass the word. Come back often as I will be posting quilts as they are completed.

Not all quilts will be hand quilted. Some will be machine quilted and it will depend on the quilt style and use.

To start the ball rolling, here’s a picture of two of my hand quilted, machine pieced quilts. The one on the wall is called Monterrey Medallion and the one on the bed is Falling Stars.

Monterrey Med and Falling Stars

Monterrey Medallion has extensive hand quilting on it. It was so hard to stop on quilting on the Log Cabin blocks. The Falling Stars is on a standard size bed. Let me know if you’re interested in either or both! You can email me at

thank you for stopping by,

Debbie the guiltless quilter

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