Farmer’s Wife Quilt

I decided to do some insanity quilting for the summer of 2014 ….. and it continues into 2015. The Farmer’s Wife quilt consists of 111 SIX inch squares. As of today, I’ve completed 91 so I’m closing in on the finish of the squares but the sashing I’ve picked out to complete the quilt will take quite a bit of time, too. Still, that is what I’ve always said – quilts should be slow.

I went into the quilt with a rush …. had 30 squares done at the end of July, one month into the quilt!

FW30FinishedBlocks31July2014Life calmed me down after awhile but here’s 90 I finished at the time of this photo – finished one more not pictured.  91 done, 20 yet to go!! And that doesn’t include the 2 I duplicated – one by mistake, one by design as I wasn’t pleased with the way it came out the first time.

Blocks90Done8Dec2014I’ve honed my paper piecing skills and small piecing and seam ripping. I’m an expert at ripping out seams.

Maybe by 2016 I’ll post the finished quilt.




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