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Grand Central Sign

Thank you so much to Gina and Tom for buying two of the quilts! Gina bought Country Blues, a scrap quilt that had not even made it to the blog. She fell in love with it while it was still being hand quilted. Tom bought Thankful – for his mother-in-law! How’s that for a great husband!

We still have several great quilts to add to your Christmas giving or as a gift to yourself. This gift will do double duty and give back to the needs in our community and world wide.

Here’s a picture of Grand Central Station and Dorothy McKee, the ‘kitchen manager,’ volunteer coordinator, all around help at Grand Central. Both above quilt proceeds went to Grand Central to help feed the homeless in Sherman. Grand Central provides the noon meal during the weekday, with a sack lunch on the weekends as needed. They have showers and toiletries for people to clean up during the day as well.

Grand Central Station Dorothy

Grand Central Station has a facebook page so you can see a little of the life there.

Grand Central gladly accepts donations of food, cash and books – they have a small library section.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good morning! (hey, I know it doesn’t have the same ring but I can’t help that it IS morning now!)
Debbie & John

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