His and Her Country Quilts

Quilt sale proceeds from this blog goes to support community and world wide needs. These quilts are machine quilted as they should get a lot of wear! These are fun quilts, designed for a couple but the set can be broken up and the quilts sold individually. These are my own creation, focusing around the central panel of ‘Just a Country Chick’ and ‘Living the Good Life.’

Country Chick Quilt

Country Chick 2

Living the Good Life Quilt

Good Life 2

Close up of the quilts’ centers:

Good Life Center1

Country Chick  Center

The two quilts are priced as a set for $500 or individually for $300. They are roughly 60×60″ and will be great for picnic quilts, table cloths, wall hangings or my favorite thing, just as a quilt!  Again, these are machine quilted on top, not hand quilted and are one of my original designs.

Sale proceeds will go to support community (Grand Central Station, that feeds the homeless, and other food banks) and world wide needs, such as World Vision, Gospel for Asia and Beads for Life.

Country Chick Good Life Combination


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