Farmer’s Wife Quilt

I decided to do some insanity quilting for the summer of 2014 ….. and it continues into 2015. The Farmer’s Wife quilt consists of 111 SIX inch squares. As of today, I’ve completed 91 so I’m closing in on the finish of the squares but the sashing I’ve picked out to complete the quilt will take quite a bit of time, too. Still, that is what I’ve always said – quilts should be slow.

I went into the quilt with a rush …. had 30 squares done at the end of July, one month into the quilt!

FW30FinishedBlocks31July2014Life calmed me down after awhile but here’s 90 I finished at the time of this photo – finished one more not pictured.  91 done, 20 yet to go!! And that doesn’t include the 2 I duplicated – one by mistake, one by design as I wasn’t pleased with the way it came out the first time.

Blocks90Done8Dec2014I’ve honed my paper piecing skills and small piecing and seam ripping. I’m an expert at ripping out seams.

Maybe by 2016 I’ll post the finished quilt.




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Homecoming for a Scrappy Trip Along

A good friend, Bobbi C., gave a Scrappy Trip Along quilt an honored place in her home. Thank you, Bobbi, for the generous donation for the Shadow Cat’s rescue in Taylor. Edgar really enjoyed this venture! He doesn’t know he and Smokey (our barn cat) are suppose to be enemies so instead are fast friends. I was amazed at how well this quilt fit into her beautiful home, especially how it matched her mirror.

BobbiQuiltLivingRoomJan2014aThank you for caring so for cats, Bobbi.  Course, you know this means you have to share that quilt with your own fur-babies!

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New Long-arm Quilters in the Savoy TX area


You’ll want to check out The Quilted Corner, owned by Mistey Jones. She does quality long arm quilting with a graciousness that shows her love of all things quilts. She’s doesn’t just operate the quilting machine – she IS an accomplished quilter.  I saw some of her blocks done with 1″ squares and all the points and seams were perfect.

Her shop is located outside of Savoy TX and very neat and professional – the painted quilt block on the front reminds me of the Amish barns up in the North East.

MistyGarageShopAug2013Mistey does custom quilting – I couldn’t believe all the patterns she has! – that accent the quilt. I’m not going to give away all the details – you’ll have to take a quilt out there yourself and see if you don’t wish you’d brought more to leave with her!

Isn’t this a beautiful sitting area? The decorations on the fence made me call it her Quilting Garden area.

GardenFenceFrontAug2013Mistey can be reached at 903-640-3303 or email




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Update on some quilts

These two quilts went to Newtown, Conn. to comfort the hurting First Responders, hopefully to bring healing to a horrible experience. I hope they went to a husband/wife team!

Country Chick Good Life Combination

This is a newly made quilt that will be auctioned off at the Texas Dental Association in May. Our dentist, Dr. McCarley of McKinney, TX, will take it down for us. Proceeds from the auction help to provide dental needs for children.

Texas Compass McCarley Quilt

I’m sorry it wouldn’t all fit in the picture, but the Texas state emblem squares border the quilt. It is machine pieced but hand quilted. It will make a great quilt to hang on a (large) wall as well as a bed quilt.

I’ve emptied out my quilt storage so only have a few baby quilts left and still haven’t posted those! I’m working on restocking and will post pictures as I get quilts done.

Have a great day!


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Amish Quilts

Not for sale here but I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of the quilts that were at the Amish auction in Clarita last Sat. Yes, I will be making at least one of these or using parts of these in my own upcoming quilts.  – Sept. 15 post


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Hope Resource Center of McKinney

The Sweet Dreams pink and brown quilt has gone to Hope Resource in McKinney, Tx, for their Sept. silent auction event.

September 27, 2012 – 7pm Dinner ~ Courtyard by Marriott in AllenKeynote Speaker: Kirk Walden

Master of Ceremonies: Pastor Rich Hooper, Grace Community Church

Hope Resource Center of McKinney

2740 Virginia Pkwy. Suite 200

McKinney, TX 75071

Pink and Brown Quilt



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Hannah’s Horseshoes Of Hope Quilt

This beautiful quilt will be auctioned off for Hannah’s Horseshoes of Hope at their open house Spring Fling on May 19, 2012. The quilt is machine pieced by me and machine quilted by Jean of Silver Threads in Bonham. I chose to have this quilt machine quilted as it will receive a lot of loving use from whomever buys it. Jean donated the batting for the quilt. She does a great job of machine quilting if you ever need such work done.

Please stop by Hannah’s website and bid on the quilt – give some help to the kids who benefit from the horse therapy. Lizbeth is the director of Hannah’s and she’ll be glad to help you place a bid.

Hannah’s Horses Quilt

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Thank you results!

Grand Central Sign

Thank you so much to Gina and Tom for buying two of the quilts! Gina bought Country Blues, a scrap quilt that had not even made it to the blog. She fell in love with it while it was still being hand quilted. Tom bought Thankful – for his mother-in-law! How’s that for a great husband!

We still have several great quilts to add to your Christmas giving or as a gift to yourself. This gift will do double duty and give back to the needs in our community and world wide.

Here’s a picture of Grand Central Station and Dorothy McKee, the ‘kitchen manager,’ volunteer coordinator, all around help at Grand Central. Both above quilt proceeds went to Grand Central to help feed the homeless in Sherman. Grand Central provides the noon meal during the weekday, with a sack lunch on the weekends as needed. They have showers and toiletries for people to clean up during the day as well.

Grand Central Station Dorothy

Grand Central Station has a facebook page so you can see a little of the life there.

Grand Central gladly accepts donations of food, cash and books – they have a small library section.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good morning! (hey, I know it doesn’t have the same ring but I can’t help that it IS morning now!)
Debbie & John

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Homeless quilts needing homes ….. quilt sale!

Let’s get these quilts out of my cupboards and into your homes for the holidays. Our community and world wide needs are growing each day and not a need for gifts under a Christmas tree but needs for food, warmth, shelter and clothing for daily survival. For that reason we’ve decided to have a Christmas sale on our quilts. If there was a quilt you were specifically interested in, now is the time to buy it. The sale prices are only temporary for this season.

Scroll through the blog to find the pictures of these quilts –

Thanksgiving quilt is $225 on sale. Hand quilted.

Sweet Dreams – $325 on sale.

His and Her Country quilts – $350 for the pair or $200 individually.

Falling Stars – $350 sale price – hand quilted.

Monterrey Medallion – $450 sale price – extensively hand quilted.

If you are hunting a wall hanging for a teacher’s Christmas gift, email me and I’ll show you what I’ve been working on.

If you want a gift that will keep on giving, one that will change people’s lives as well as bring pleasure to the receiver, please consider Beulah Land quilts. Help find a quilt a good home!


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His and Her Country Quilts

Quilt sale proceeds from this blog goes to support community and world wide needs. These quilts are machine quilted as they should get a lot of wear! These are fun quilts, designed for a couple but the set can be broken up and the quilts sold individually. These are my own creation, focusing around the central panel of ‘Just a Country Chick’ and ‘Living the Good Life.’

Country Chick Quilt

Country Chick 2

Living the Good Life Quilt

Good Life 2

Close up of the quilts’ centers:

Good Life Center1

Country Chick  Center

The two quilts are priced as a set for $500 or individually for $300. They are roughly 60×60″ and will be great for picnic quilts, table cloths, wall hangings or my favorite thing, just as a quilt!  Again, these are machine quilted on top, not hand quilted and are one of my original designs.

Sale proceeds will go to support community (Grand Central Station, that feeds the homeless, and other food banks) and world wide needs, such as World Vision, Gospel for Asia and Beads for Life.

Country Chick Good Life Combination


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